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STEM Discovery Professional Development Workshop

STEM Discovery PD Workshop

The one-day STEM Discovery Workshop introduces a comprehensive framework for developing high-quality, hands-on STEM learning activities for students that support classroom, school, and district learning goals. Designed for teams of educators at any grade level (K-12), the workshop provides opportunities for both individual skill-building and meaningful dialogue within the teaching staff. During the workshop, educator teams collaborate to develop a hands-on STEM learning activity they could implement in the classroom. This is accomplished through a gamified, multi-step process (the “Learning Design Process”) that uses Design Thinking to strike a balance between engaging learners, delivering required content and staying within the educator’s capacity. This workshop is primarily geared toward teachers and support staff who teach STEM-related content OR who teach a traditionally non-STEM subject but have an interest or expectation to integrate STEM in their classroom activities.


In this one-day STEM Discovery Workshop, participants will:

  • Identify and understand key elements of an effective STEM learning experience
  • Build skills in facilitating STEM learning activities and developing original STEM projects
  • Explore pathways for integrating STEM within existing teaching goals, including within “non-STEM” disciplines
  • Collaborate with colleagues to develop a hands-on, learner-centered STEM activity they can implement in the classroom
  • Redefine their relationship with STEM

Locations and Dates:

Hosted in organization’s community and scheduled in collaboration with organization.

Requirements & Eligibility:

This PD is designed for both formal and informal K-12 educators and administrators to attend as a cohort. It is structured to strengthen collaboration within an organization and facilitate a community of practice.